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World Compression Challenge

file compression benchmark

It is a reference for the latest information about the performance of lossless data compression software. The test takes place on many file types so as not to benefit a specific compressor and to verify the actual ability to adapt to any type of data.   OS: Windows 10 , CPU: AMD Ryzen™ 3700x (8 core– 16 thread). Test By Nania Francesco A. (Italy) 







Archiver / Compressor








1Nanozip v.0.09a Sami Runsas ,FIN [ARC]2193443811.3911.86124212571249 a -cc -r -p8 -m1g
2Razor v.1.03.7[Christian Martelock,GER]2201935185.004.75360110332317 a -r -d 512M
3ZCM v.0.93- Nania Francesco A.,ITA [ARC]2227550716.9515.86143313991416 a -r -s -m6
4Nanozip v.0.09a Sami Runsas ,FIN [ARC]231273797.193.39115510341094 a -cO -r -p8 -m1g
5ZCM v.0.93- Nania Francesco A.,ITA [ARC]2348329710.926.27128911401214 a -r -s -m5 -t4
67ZIP v.19.00 -Igor Pavlov,RUS-[ARC]2359429910.550.9212819731127 a -mx9 -mmt=8 -md=256m -mfb=273
7Packet v.1.9 Nania Francesco A.,ITA [ARC2377252131.221.2819509921471 a -r -s -mx -b5 -h6
8ARC v.0.67a Bulat Ziganshin,UZB [ARC]2380853712.361.95134810151181 a -r -m9x -lc2000 -mt8
9Nanozip v.0.09a Sami Runsas ,FIN [ARC]238419014.002.09108210211051 a -co -r -p8 -m1g
10ZCM v.0.93- Nania Francesco A.,ITA [ARC]238740204.584.70110211051103 a -r -s -m2 -t8
11Precomp v.0.47 (Christian Schneider|GER)244431248.095.03123711391188 -cl
12Packet v.1.9 Nania Francesco A.,ITA [ARC2446618211.091.53133410281181 a -r -s -m0 -b5 -h6
13CSARC v.3.3 - Siyuan Fu, CHI -[ARC]246209205.720.59116810041086 a -m5 -d256m -r -t8
14NLZMrz v.1.03 Nauful |USA (COM)24706597248.591.08894310234983 c
15RAR v.5.91 -A.Roshal,RUS- [ARC]248168093.520.94110510231064 a -r -s -ma5 -m5 -md256m -mt8
16RAR v.5.91 -A.Roshal,RUS- [ARC]248441883.130.97109410251059 a -r -s -ma5 -m4 -md256m -mt8
17RAR v.5.91 -A.Roshal,RUS- [ARC]249186372.630.92108110261053 a -r -s -ma5 -m3 -md256m -mt8
18ARC v.0.67a Bulat Ziganshin,UZB [ARC]250156035.081.23116310401101 a -r -m4x -lc2000 -mt8
19ZSTD v.1.4.5 (Yann Collet,FRA)2510913522.860.17173610101373 -22 -T8 -f --ultra
207ZIP v.19.00 -Igor Pavlov,RUS-[ARC]2520175611.160.98136510391202 a -mx1 -mmt=8 -md=256m -mfb=273
21NLZM v.1.03 Nauful |USA (COM)2524609079.140.76354210342288 -window:28 c
22ARC v.0.67a Bulat Ziganshin,UZB [ARC]2530803412.482.95141211071259 a -r -m9x -s1gb -lc2000 -mt8
23ARC v.0.67a Bulat Ziganshin,UZB [ARC]2531715411.983.30139611181257 a -r -m9 -sGROUPING -mt8
24ARC v.0.67a Bulat Ziganshin,UZB [ARC]2532335611.672.31138610871236 a -r -m9x -sGROUPING -mt8
25ARC v.0.67a Bulat Ziganshin,UZB [ARC]2532335611.862.25139210851238 a -r -m8x -sGROUPING -mt8
26RAR v.5.91 -A.Roshal,RUS- [ARC]253600302.251.00108610461066 a -r -s -ma5 -m2 -md256m -mt8
27ZSTD v.1.4.5 (Yann Collet,FRA)2544078318.860.17162110231322 -19 -T8 -f --long
28LZA v.0.82 Nania Francesco A.,ITA [ARC]2553507421.230.81170110471374 a -r -s -mx9 -b6 -h7
29RAR v.5.91 - A.Roshal,RUS- [ARC]257107182.161.09109810631080 a -r -s -ma4 -m5 -mdg -mt8
30RAR v.5.91 - A.Roshal,RUS- [ARC]257341072.050.97109510601077 a -r -s -ma4 -m4 -mdg -mt8
31CSARC v.3.3 - Siyuan Fu, CHI -[ARC]257432981.840.63108910501069 a -m2 -d256m -r -t8
32RAR v.5.91 - A.Roshal,RUS- [ARC]257978501.881.08109210661079 a -r -s -ma4 -m3 -mdg -mt8
33CSARC v.3.3 - Siyuan Fu, CHI -[ARC]261866911.390.61109210671079 a -m1 -d256m -r -t8
34LZPM v.0.18 Ilya Muravyov|RUS (COM)2632163966.441.88317911132146 c512
35GLZA v.0.114 Kennon Conrad USA (COMP)2668006952.983.17276311691966 c
36Nanozip v.0.09a Sami Runsas ,FIN [ARC]269567641.741.70113411331133 a -cDP -r -p8 -m1g
37Nanozip v.0.09a Sami Runsas ,FIN [ARC]271692680.691.77110911431126 a -cD -r -p8 -m1g
38DGC v.1.10 Shin-ichi TSURUTA,JAP [ARC]2722912020.4810.00174514091577 a
39RAR v.5.91 - A.Roshal,RUS- [ARC]275001691.551.00115011321141 a -r -s -ma4 -m2 -mdg -mt8
40ZSTD v.1.4.5 (Yann Collet,FRA)275953511.720.16115911091134 -11 -T8 -f --long
41ZSTD v.1.4.5 (Yann Collet,FRA)277566630.910.16113911151127 -10 -T8 -f --long
42ZSTD v.1.4.5 (Yann Collet,FRA)278428960.520.16113011191124 -9 -T8 -f --long
43LZSR v.0.01 Nania Francesco(COMP)278647304.692.30126511881226 c
44ZSTD v.1.4.5 (Yann Collet,FRA)279450480.440.16113211231127 -8 -T8 -f --long
45BCM v.2.0a1 Ilya Muravyov|RUS (COM)280152899.9511.47143914881463 c512
46ZSTD v.1.4.5 (Yann Collet,FRA)280602700.390.16113511281131 -7 -T8 -f --long
47LZA v.0.82 Nania Francesco A.,ITA [ARC]284158858.530.92141011661288 a -r -s -m1 -b6 -h7
48Irolz v.2 Andrew Polar(COMP)284899006.305.36134113111326 e
49ZSTD v.1.4.5 (Yann Collet,FRA)284984130.340.16115111451148 -6 -T8 -f --long
50RAR v.5.91 -A.Roshal,RUS- [ARC]286920131.330.97119011791184 a -r -s -ma5 -m1 -md256m -mt8
51ZSTD v.1.4.5 (Yann Collet,FRA)287375420.300.16115911551157 -5 -T8 -f --long
52Nanozip v.0.09a Sami Runsas ,FIN [ARC]287450080.331.76116012061183 a -cd -r -p8 -m1g
53ZSTD v.1.4.5 (Yann Collet,FRA)291386300.280.17117511711173 -4 -T8 -f --long
54Irolz v.1 Andrew Polar(COMP)291560935.563.33134412731308 e
55ZSTD v.1.4.5 (Yann Collet,FRA)292700580.250.16117911761177 -3 -T8 -f --long
56ZSTD v.1.4.5 (Yann Collet,FRA)299689820.270.16120712041205 -2 -T8 -f --long
57Thor v.0.96a Oscar Garcia|ESP (COM)301784081.940.45126912221245 e5
58Thor v.0.96a Oscar Garcia|ESP (COM)303136481.340.56125512301242 e4
59ZSTD v.1.4.5 (Yann Collet,FRA)309413040.260.16124612431244 -1 -T8 -f --long
60Slug v.1.27b (Christian Martelock,GER)310329070.470.50125612571256 c
61Nanozip v.0.09a Sami Runsas ,FIN [ARC]310366240.381.95125413041279 a -cF -r -p8 -m1g
62RAR v.5.91 - A.Roshal,RUS- [ARC]310383100.841.06126812751271 a -r -s -ma4 -m1 -mdg -mt8
63SR3 v.Matt Mahoney+ |USA(COM)312743045.006.05141114451428 c
64Lazy v.1 Matt Mahoney|USA (COMP)314418654.630.50140612741340 5
65ARC v.0.67a Bulat Ziganshin,UZB [ARC]315181203.232.38136413371350 a -r -m1 -sGROUPING -mt8
66Etincelle v. a3 (Yann Collet,FRA)325641440.490.30131813121315 -c
67Thor v.0.96a Oscar Garcia|ESP (COM)325675040.560.56132113211321 e3
68ULZ v.1.01bIlya Muravyov|RUS (COM)3307036013.230.11174613261536 c9
69Lazy v.1 Matt Mahoney|USA (COMP)330909380.990.48135513391347 1
70Nanozip v.0.09a Sami Runsas ,FIN [ARC]332586940.141.69133513841359 a -cf -r -p8 -m1g
71ULZ v.1.01bIlya Muravyov|RUS (COM)335921131.530.09139313471370 c6
72ULZ v.1.01bIlya Muravyov|RUS (COM)338535631.140.11139113581374 c5
73Thor v.0.96a Oscar Garcia|ESP (COM)348660040.470.49141014101410 e2
74ULZ v.1.01bIlya Muravyov|RUS (COM)352759900.660.11143214151423 c4
75ULZ v.1.01bIlya Muravyov|RUS (COM)357898460.560.11145014351442 c3
76ULZ v.1.01bIlya Muravyov|RUS (COM)364539680.530.11147514621468 c2
77Thor v.0.96a Oscar Garcia|ESP (COM)375692600.310.51151315191516 e1
78ULZ v.1.01bIlya Muravyov|RUS (COM)386231620.830.11157115481559 c1
79Flzp v.1 Matt Mahoney|USA (COMP)401606061.130.42164316201631 c
80LZC v..10 NANIA F.A.-Xezz |ITA-JAP(COM)417757287.523.58191217861849 c 10
Last update: 03/12/2020 21:12:39 APP1 Test 831 files for 71551250 bytes