World Compression Challenge 2016

WCC is a file compression benchmark. It is a reference for the latest information about the performance of lossless data compression software. The test takes place on many file types so as not to benefit a specific compressor and to verify the actual ability to adapt to any type of data. Test By Nania Francesco A. (Italy)


















1NANOZIP v.0.09a [Sami Runsas,FIN]3896854572.8926.75389124153153 a -r -t0 -m2g -cO
2ZPAQ v.7.15 [Matt Mahoney, USA]39440734267.65270.65101421023810190 -m5 -t8
3NANOZIP v.0.09a [Sami Runsas,FIN]3966760115.506.28208317881935 a -r -t0 -m2g -co
4FAv.0.11 [Bulat Ziganshin,UZB]4017135216.993.53215117201935 a -r -m9
57ZIP v.16.02 [Igor Pavlov,RUS]4019415716.762.48214416871915 a -t7z -m0=lzma2 -mx=9 -aoa -mfb=64 -md=256m -ms=on -mmt=on
6Lzturbo v.1.2 (Hamid Buzidi,GER)4021233369.533.78383317292781 -49 -b256
7ARCv.0.67a [Bulat Ziganshin,UZB]4023825519.673.69223917281983 a -r -m9x -lc1024m -mt8
8ARCv.0.666 [Bulat Ziganshin,UZB]4024699419.833.69224417281986 a -r -m9x -lc1024m -mt8
9ARCv.0.67a [Bulat Ziganshin,UZB]4029227918.523.80220417331968 a -r -m9 -lc1024m -mt8
10ARCv.0.666 [Bulat Ziganshin,UZB]4030845418.973.73221917321975 a -r -m9 -lc1024m -mt8
11Lzturbo v.1.2 (Hamid Buzidi,GER)4032654334.801.48272716602193 -49
12RZM v.0.07h(C. Martelock,GER)4043594471.739.73391319292921 c
13Radyx v.0.91 [Conor McCarthy,AUS]404972627.001.80184416771760 a -r -ma=2 -md256m -mmt=8 -ms=e
14Radyx v.0.91 [Conor McCarthy,AUS]406861376.641.83184016861763 a -r -ma=1 -md256m -mmt=8 -ms=e
15ARCv.0.666 [Bulat Ziganshin,UZB]407700626.501.45183916771758 a -r -m4 -lc1024m -mt8
16ZCM v.0.93 [Nania Francesco,ITA]4084452040.7034.09293627252830 a -r -s -m7
17MCM v.0.83(Mathieu Chartier,CAN)4092922235.9936.33278928002794 -t11
18CCMx v.1.30c (C. Martelock,GER) 4104222341.6642.53297530032989 7
19CCM v.1.30c (C. Martelock,GER) 4114482837.5338.02284728622854 7
20LZHAM v.1.0(R.GELDREICH JR,RUS+USA)41171167341.860.901258616767131 -d29 -m4 -x -h0 c
21ZCM v.0.93 [Nania Francesco,ITA]4118851311.9210.17202919732001 a -r -s -m4 -t8
22ZPAQ v.7.15 [Matt Mahoney, USA]4126142583.8886.36433544144374 -m4 -t8
23CSArc v.3.3 [Siyuan Fu,CHI]4152585023.133.45240117712086 a -r -t4 -d512m -m5
24Radyx v.0.91 [Conor McCarthy,AUS]416680575.841.75185417231788 a -r -ma0 -md256m -mmt=8 -ms=e
25LZHAM v.1.0(R.GELDREICH JR,RUS+USA)4170122118.220.90225116971974 -d29 -m1 -x -h0 c
26FAv.0.11 [Bulat Ziganshin,UZB]4175563811.903.67205117881919 a -r -m3
27ARCv.0.67a [Bulat Ziganshin,UZB]4175832211.453.83203717931915 a -r -m3 -lc1024m -mt8
287ZIP v.16.02 [Igor Pavlov,RUS]4178898716.941.95221417341974 a -t7z -m0=lzma2 -mx=1 -aoa -mfb=64 -md=256m -ms=on -mmt
29BROTLI v.0.5.2 (Google Inc.,USA)41912363178.730.63739616974546 --force --quality 10 --window 24
30Packet v.1.9 [Nania Francesco,ITA]4200368149.862.14327617492512 a -r -s -mx -b5 -h7
31BROTLI v.0.5.2 (Google Inc.,USA)42049870167.410.59703917014370 --force --quality 10
32ZPAQ v.7.15 [Matt Mahoney, USA]4214667933.8519.97276923252547 -m3 -t8
33CSArc v.3.3 [Siyuan Fu,CHI]4220952210.593.27202717931910 a -r -t4 -d512m -m1
34Lzturbo v.1.2 (Hamid Buzidi,GER)4230046322.730.48241917072063 -39
35ARCv.0.666 [Bulat Ziganshin,UZB]424415563.381.19180617361771 a -r -m3 -lc1024m -mt8
36NANOZIP v.0.09a [Sami Runsas,FIN]426129724.250.66184117261783 a -r -t0 -m2g -cDP
37RAR v.5.40 [A. Roshal,RUS]426388185.110.56186917231796 a -r -s -ma5 -m5 -md256
38RAR v.5.40 [A. Roshal,RUS]426651555.200.61187317261799 a -r -s -ma5 -m3 -md256
39RAR v.5.40 [A. Roshal,RUS]427249603.860.89183317371785 a -r -s -ma4 -m5 -mdg
40Packet v.1.9 [Nania Francesco,ITA]4275615423.342.95245718052131 a -r -s -m1 -b5 -h7
41ZSTD v.1.0 (Yann Collet,FRA)4277350222.390.30242717212074 -19 -f
42Packet v.1.9 [Nania Francesco,ITA]4296544122.302.97243218142123 a -r -s -m0 -b5 -h7
43NANOZIP v.0.09a [Sami Runsas,FIN]431985721.488.64177520041889 a -r -t0 -m2g -cD
44LZHAM v.1.0(R.GELDREICH JR,RUS+USA)432894979.300.95202917621895 -d29 -m0 -x -h0 c
45BROTLI v.0.5.2 (Google Inc.,USA)4330296378.480.47424317472995 --force --quality 9 --window 24
46BROTLI v.0.5.2 (Google Inc.,USA)4337673320.340.42238617492067 --force --quality 9
47PZSTD v.1.0 (Yann Collet,FRA)434365994.910.17189517431819 -19 -f
48LZA v.0.82b [Nania Francesco,ITA]4350907943.761.17314117782459 a -r -s -mx9 -b6 -h7
49NANOZIP v.0.09a [Sami Runsas,FIN]436044572.560.33182617551790 a -r -t0 -m2g -cdP
50FAv.0.11 [Bulat Ziganshin,UZB]441315532.230.62183717851811 a -r -m2
51ARCv.0.67a [Bulat Ziganshin,UZB]441824702.190.69183717891813 a -r -m2 -lc1024m -mt8
52Lzturbo v.1.2 (Hamid Buzidi,GER)443034452.810.69186217941828 -32
53ARCv.0.666 [Bulat Ziganshin,UZB]444646971.481.99182618421834 a -r -m2 -lc1024m -mt8
54ZSTD v.1.0 (Yann Collet,FRA)446232365.340.25195617931874 -12 -f
55LZA v.0.82b [Nania Francesco,ITA]4469879718.191.23237018272098 a -r -s -m1 -b6 -h7
56NANOZIP v.0.09a [Sami Runsas,FIN]448305080.699.06181520831949 a -r -t0 -m2g -cd
57LZSR v.0.01 (NANIA Francesco A.,ITA) 4483230612.675.78219919782088 c
58Rings v.2.5 [Nania Francesco,ITA]450867994.983.55196319171940 a -r -s -m1 -t8
59BROTLI v.0.5.2 (Google Inc.,USA)451050974.340.44194318181880 --force --quality 5
60Lzturbo v.1.2 (Hamid Buzidi,GER)451403950.780.67183118271829 -31
61Rings v.2.5 [Nania Francesco,ITA]451963675.743.84199219311961 a -r -s -m6 -t8
62BROTLI v.0.5.2 (Google Inc.,USA)452111974.440.44195118231887 --force --quality 5 --window 24
63PZSTD v.1.0 (Yann Collet,FRA)452581611.360.16185418151834 -12 -f
64Thor v.0.96a(Oscar Garcia,ESP)455152403.831.78194318781910 e4
65ZSTD v.1.0 (Yann Collet,FRA)455249012.860.23191318281870 -8 -f
66RAR v.5.40 [A. Roshal,RUS]457182911.720.56188418471865 a -r -s -ma5 -m1 -md256
67Rings v.2.5 [Nania Francesco,ITA]4578079414.1310.19228321572220 a -r -s -m6 -t2
68PZSTD v.1.0 (Yann Collet,FRA)458592770.980.16186618391852 -8 -f
69Rings v.2.5 [Nania Francesco,ITA]4600982221.6115.16253223262429 a -r -s -m8
70ARCv.0.67a [Bulat Ziganshin,UZB]462002860.470.61186318681865 a -r -m1 -lc1024m -mt8
71FAv.0.11 [Bulat Ziganshin,UZB]462710931.780.65190818721890 a -r -m1
72RAR v.5.40 [A. Roshal,RUS]463225411.200.83189118791885 a -r -s -ma4 -m1 -mdg
73ZPAQ v.7.15 [Matt Mahoney, USA]4647016922.874.73259120102300 -m2 -t8
74Slug v.1.27b(C. Martelock,GER)464822391.111.26189519001897 c
75BROTLI v.0.5.2 (Google Inc.,USA)465876251.880.41192418771900 --force --quality 4
76NANOZIP v.0.09a [Sami Runsas,FIN]467528090.741.33189419131903 a -r -t0 -m2g -cF
77BROTLI v.0.5.2 (Google Inc.,USA)468077521.800.38193018841907 --force --quality 4 --window 24
78Lzturbo v.1.2 (Hamid Buzidi,GER)470876750.190.08189018861888 -30
79Etincelle alpha3(Yann Collet,FRA)471058111.220.98192319161919 c
80BSC v.3.0.1 (Ilya Grebnov,RUS)4712951612.9110.09229822082253 -G -P -m0 -cp -e2 -M255 -H28 -b256
81BSC v.3.0.1 (Ilya Grebnov,RUS)473790008.5213.34216823222245 -G -P -m3 -cp -e1 -M255 -H28 -b256
82BROTLI v.0.5.2 (Google Inc.,USA)474052661.300.50193819121925 --force --quality 2
83BROTLI v.0.5.2 (Google Inc.,USA)474052681.130.50193219121922 --force --quality 2 --window 24
84ZSTD v.1.0 (Yann Collet,FRA)474057851.000.25192819041916 -4 -f
85BROTLI v.0.5.2 (Google Inc.,USA)474244481.410.50194219131927 --force --quality 3
86BROTLI v.0.5.2 (Google Inc.,USA)474244511.420.50194219131927 --force --quality 3 --window 24
87ARCv.0.666 [Bulat Ziganshin,UZB]475077791.230.83194019271933 a -r -m1 -lc1024m -mt8
88LZ5 v.1.41(Y.Collet,FRA+P.Skibinski,POL)4756737230.690.20288519092397 -15 -f
89PZSTD v.1.0 (Yann Collet,FRA)475991930.560.17192219091915 -4 -f
90Thor v.0.96a(Oscar Garcia,ESP)479394003.551.03203119511991 e5
91Lzturbo v.1.2 (Hamid Buzidi,GER)481009652.630.61200819441976 -22
92Zhuff v.099b(Yann Collet,FRA)481325961.110.11196119291945 -c2t4o
93ZPAQ v.7.15 [Matt Mahoney, USA]481749922.002.99199120232007 -m1 -t8
94Zhuff v.099b(Yann Collet,FRA)483697390.270.09194319381940 -c0t4s
95Precomp v.0.4.6(C. Schneider,GER)4852744923.985.36270821132410 -zl11
96Thor v.0.96a(Oscar Garcia,ESP)485757841.201.17198119801980 e3
97NANOZIP v.0.09a [Sami Runsas,FIN]486018961.231.11198319801981 a -r -t0 -m2g -cf
98Zhuff v.099b(Yann Collet,FRA)486059940.830.11197119481959 -c1t4o
99SR3a (M. Mahoney,USA+F.A. Nania,ITA)4898246811.9813.30234323852364 c
100Lzturbo v.1.2 (Hamid Buzidi,GER)489924020.640.55198019771978 -21
101BCM v.1.25 (Ilya Muravyov,RUS)4914297721.2520.64264626262636 -b256MB -f
102ZSTD v.1.0 (Yann Collet,FRA)494368490.560.23199519851990 -1 -f
103PZSTD v.1.0 (Yann Collet,FRA)495323250.170.16198719861986 -1 -f
104SR3a (M. Mahoney,USA+F.A. Nania,ITA)499083349.5012.03230023812340 c2
105LZ5 v.1.41(Y.Collet,FRA+P.Skibinski,POL)507496612.630.17211420352074 -6 -f
106Lzturbo v.1.2 (Hamid Buzidi,GER)5123703519.330.41266820632365 -19
107Lzturbo v.1.2 (Hamid Buzidi,GER)513778230.140.08206020582059 -20
108BROTLI v.0.5.2 (Google Inc.,USA)517592340.630.50209120862088 --force --quality 1
109BROTLI v.0.5.2 (Google Inc.,USA)517592340.840.52209720872092 --force --quality 1 --window 24
110Thor v.0.96a(Oscar Garcia,ESP)518281160.910.95210221042103 e2
111LZ5 v.1.41(Y.Collet,FRA+P.Skibinski,POL)518503720.390.17208620792082 -0 -f
112ULZ v.0.03( I.Muravyov,RUS)518790162.230.22214720822114 c
113LZ4a v.0(I. Muravyov + RUS, Xezz JPN)520915822.780.23217320912132 -8 -f
114RCM v.0 (Nuauful,USA)5209322983.940.16477020893429 co
115LZ4x v.1.15(Y.Collet,FRA+ I.Muravyov,RUS521786643.030.20218420942139 -8 -f
116LZ4x v.1.15(Y.Collet,FRA+ I.Muravyov,RUS522415601.340.20213320962114 -7 -f
117LZ4x v.1.15(Y.Collet,FRA+ I.Muravyov,RUS522833521.230.23213120992115 -6 -f
118LZ4x v.1.15(Y.Collet,FRA+ I.Muravyov,RUS523534131.160.20213121012116 -5 -f
119LZ4x v.1.15(Y.Collet,FRA+ I.Muravyov,RUS526547151.050.20214021132126 -3 -f
120ULZ v.0.03( I.Muravyov,RUS)526977001.550.22215821152136 cf
121Lzturbo v.1.2 (Hamid Buzidi,GER)526990081.950.56217021262148 -12
122LZ4x v.1.15(Y.Collet,FRA+ I.Muravyov,RUS529379650.990.22214921252137 -2 -f
123Lzturbo v.1.2 (Hamid Buzidi,GER)533105740.830.55215921502154 -11
124LZ4a v.0(I. Muravyov + RUS, Xezz JPN)533140141.060.23216621402153 -1 -f
125LZ4x v.1.15(Y.Collet,FRA+ I.Muravyov,RUS534006730.920.20216521422153 -1 -f
126RCM v.0 (Nuauful,USA)534018841.580.14218721412164 c
127Shrinker (Fu Siyuan,CHI)538607810.440.14216921592164 c
128LZF (Ilya Muravyov,RUS)5413554048.300.33371121762943 cx
129Lzturbo v.1.2 (Hamid Buzidi,GER)541369620.830.09219221682180 -10
130Thor v.0.96a(Oscar Garcia,ESP)550340520.751.19222522392232 e1
131LZF (Ilya Muravyov,RUS)553125761.280.33225322232238 c
132Superduper v.0 (Lucas Marsh,CAN)667582840.950.13270126742687 c
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