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World Compression Challenge

file compression benchmark

It is a reference for the latest information about the performance of lossless data compression software. The test takes place on many file types so as not to benefit a specific compressor and to verify the actual ability to adapt to any type of data.   OS: Windows 10 , CPU: AMD Ryzen™ 3700x (8 core– 16 thread). Test By Nania Francesco A. (Italy) 







Archiver / Compressor








1ZSTD v.1.4.5 (Yann Collet,FRA)7081415103.302.03284312839128411 -2 -T8 -f --long
2ZSTD v.1.4.5 (Yann Collet,FRA)7245718183.312.00290892904729068 -1 -T8 -f --long
3ZSTD v.1.4.5 (Yann Collet,FRA)6979401323.342.03280242798328003 -3 -T8 -f --long
4ZSTD v.1.4.5 (Yann Collet,FRA)6914777453.502.14277712772827749 -4 -T8 -f --long
5ZSTD v.1.4.5 (Yann Collet,FRA)6862339324.222.06275842751527549 -5 -T8 -f --long
6Thor v.0.96a Oscar Garcia|ESP (COM)8238457824.348.62330933323033161 e1
7ZSTD v.1.4.5 (Yann Collet,FRA)6831834336.062.08275212739427457 -6 -T8 -f --long
8Nanozip v.0.09a Sami Runsas ,FIN [ARC]6769820326.4716.97272862762227454 a -cF -r -p8 -m1g
9Thor v.0.96a Oscar Garcia|ESP (COM)7750801046.517.66312123124831230 e2
10Nanozip v.0.09a Sami Runsas ,FIN [ARC]6596339776.5312.70265942679226693 a -cd -r -p8 -m1g
11ZSTD v.1.4.5 (Yann Collet,FRA)6796148376.662.08273982725127324 -7 -T8 -f --long
12Slug v.1.27b (Christian Martelock,GER)7036159376.998.98283682843228400 c
13ZSTD v.1.4.5 (Yann Collet,FRA)6788358137.082.06273802721927299 -8 -T8 -f --long
14Etincelle v. a3 (Yann Collet,FRA)7157529167.314.70288642878128822 -c
15Thor v.0.96a Oscar Garcia|ESP (COM)7343821968.228.70296382965429646 e3
16ULZ v.1.01bIlya Muravyov|RUS (COM)7614146018.331.47307233050430613 c2
17Nanozip v.0.09a Sami Runsas ,FIN [ARC]7099739078.399.91286672871628691 a -cf -r -p8 -m1g
18ULZ v.1.01bIlya Muravyov|RUS (COM)7572165598.561.44305633033530449 c3
19ULZ v.1.01bIlya Muravyov|RUS (COM)7541098799.141.50304573021230334 c4
20ZSTD v.1.4.5 (Yann Collet,FRA)6767781279.202.06273662713727251 -9 -T8 -f --long
21RAR v.5.91 - A.Roshal,RUS- [ARC]71229064410.6310.71288322883428833 a -r -s -ma4 -m1 -mdg -mt8
22ULZ v.1.01bIlya Muravyov|RUS (COM)74530581012.631.46302162985930037 c5
23Nanozip v.0.09a Sami Runsas ,FIN [ARC]64082883212.8014.16260432608626064 a -cD -r -p8 -m1g
24ULZ v.1.01bIlya Muravyov|RUS (COM)77636304413.391.45314833110131292 c1
25Lazy v.1 Matt Mahoney|USA (COMP)73001299015.136.92296852942229553 1
26ULZ v.1.01bIlya Muravyov|RUS (COM)74341438915.661.41302382978230010 c6
27RAR v.5.91 -A.Roshal,RUS- [ARC]66788597117.837.30272862694927117 a -r -s -ma5 -m1 -md256m -mt8
28ZSTD v.1.4.5 (Yann Collet,FRA)67357043218.812.08275452700927277 -10 -T8 -f --long
29Flzp v.1 Matt Mahoney|USA (COMP)81889874122.107.39334633299233227 c
30RAR v.5.91 - A.Roshal,RUS- [ARC]67105941123.4513.09275932726127427 a -r -s -ma4 -m2 -mdg -mt8
31Thor v.0.96a Oscar Garcia|ESP (COM)69311428823.629.34284802802328251 e4
32Thor v.0.96a Oscar Garcia|ESP (COM)71031705224.747.77292042866128932 e5
33Nanozip v.0.09a Sami Runsas ,FIN [ARC]63515835926.1312.26262422579926020 a -cDP -r -p8 -m1g
34RAR v.5.91 - A.Roshal,RUS- [ARC]64442791827.7311.17266642613526399 a -r -s -ma4 -m3 -mdg -mt8
35RAR v.5.91 - A.Roshal,RUS- [ARC]64369847229.0011.23266762610726391 a -r -s -ma4 -m4 -mdg -mt8
36RAR v.5.91 - A.Roshal,RUS- [ARC]64344837130.3312.06267082612426416 a -r -s -ma4 -m5 -mdg -mt8
37ZSTD v.1.4.5 (Yann Collet,FRA)67131418131.192.13278512692127386 -11 -T8 -f --long
38RAR v.5.91 -A.Roshal,RUS- [ARC]63935761838.397.97268032582926316 a -r -s -ma5 -m2 -md256m -mt8
39RAR v.5.91 -A.Roshal,RUS- [ARC]63642081143.728.11268562571626286 a -r -s -ma5 -m3 -md256m -mt8
40RAR v.5.91 -A.Roshal,RUS- [ARC]63513170851.007.59270372564826342 a -r -s -ma5 -m4 -md256m -mt8
41RAR v.5.91 -A.Roshal,RUS- [ARC]63460516557.677.86272302563626433 a -r -s -ma5 -m5 -md256m -mt8
42ULZ v.1.01bIlya Muravyov|RUS (COM)74171494566.751.44318052971530760 c9
43CSARC v.3.3 - Siyuan Fu, CHI -[ARC]63554223376.4821.28278692610326986 a -m1 -d256m -r -t8
44Nanozip v.0.09a Sami Runsas ,FIN [ARC]59108655379.9529.58262022459025396 a -co -r -p8 -m1g
45ZCM v.0.93- Nania Francesco A.,ITA [ARC]59317625080.3175.50262972614326220 a -r -s -m2 -t8
46Irolz v.1 Andrew Polar(COMP)68979954483.6174.50302682997630122 e
47LZSR v.0.01 Nania Francesco(COMP)66359217688.8346.49293862803128708 c
48Lazy v.1 Matt Mahoney|USA (COMP)708263214104.786.95316832855330118 5
49CSARC v.3.3 - Siyuan Fu, CHI -[ARC]631999293109.1321.26287722596027366 a -m2 -d256m -r -t8
50Nanozip v.0.09a Sami Runsas ,FIN [ARC]584894598116.8958.47271362526726201 a -cO -r -p8 -m1g
51SR3 v.Matt Mahoney+ |USA(COM)667789305120.00139.47305523117530863 c
52ZCM v.0.93- Nania Francesco A.,ITA [ARC]589484836122.72102.03275062684427175 a -r -s -m5 -t4
53Irolz v.2 Andrew Polar(COMP)672970366138.61120.58313543077731065 e
54Precomp v.0.47 (Christian Schneider|GER)602561640157.6984.66291492681227980 -cl
55Nanozip v.0.09a Sami Runsas ,FIN [ARC]571470427158.02161.33279152802127968 a -cc -r -p8 -m1g
567ZIP v.19.00 -Igor Pavlov,RUS-[ARC]613919737168.7813.06299582497527466 a -mx9 -mmt=8 -md=256m -mfb=273
57BCM v.2.0a1 Ilya Muravyov|RUS (COM)639630584172.50223.97311053275231928 c512
58LZA v.0.82 Nania Francesco A.,ITA [ARC]657477993174.3711.06318792665329266 a -r -s -m1 -b6 -h7
59Packet v.1.9 Nania Francesco A.,ITA [ARC594521726186.2821.81297422447927110 a -r -s -m0 -b5 -h6
60CSARC v.3.3 - Siyuan Fu, CHI -[ARC]620500220193.4421.42310102550528257 a -m5 -d256m -r -t8
61LZC v..10 NANIA F.A.-Xezz |ITA-JAP(COM)829851195217.7992.20401633614438153 c 10
62DGC v.1.10 Shin-ichi TSURUTA,JAP [ARC]622344064220.48125.86319492892130435 a
63ZCM v.0.93- Nania Francesco A.,ITA [ARC]573057223290.50261.63322183129431756 a -r -s -m6
64ZSTD v.1.4.5 (Yann Collet,FRA)647039042314.222.38359372595830947 -19 -T8 -f --long
657ZIP v.19.00 -Igor Pavlov,RUS-[ARC]637979191326.1912.34359572591430935 a -mx1 -mmt=8 -md=256m -mfb=273
66ZSTD v.1.4.5 (Yann Collet,FRA)644502146349.482.62369632586431413 -22 -T8 -f --ultra
67Packet v.1.9 Nania Francesco A.,ITA [ARC587113416384.7320.99357962415629976 a -r -s -mx -b5 -h6
68LZA v.0.82 Nania Francesco A.,ITA [ARC]627904654426.5510.27387662544532105 a -r -s -mx9 -b6 -h7
69LZPM v.0.18 Ilya Muravyov|RUS (COM)640808052878.7044.63537512706040405 c512
70Razor v.1.03.7[Christian Martelock,GER]5827174041198.0025.63616452412942887 a -r -d 512M
71NLZM v.1.03 Nauful |USA (COM)6497901111321.0914.22682662644747356 -window:28 c
72NLZMrz v.1.03 Nauful |USA (COM)6361606913956.3622.561520502616889109 c
Last update: 14/11/2020 19:20:40 Summary Test 134 files for 1.025.377.388 Bytes