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World Compression Challenge

file compression benchmark

It is a reference for the latest information about the performance of lossless data compression software. The test takes place on many file types so as not to benefit a specific compressor and to verify the actual ability to adapt to any type of data.   OS: Windows 10 , CPU: AMD Ryzen™ 3700x (8 core– 16 thread). Test By Nania Francesco A. (Italy) 







Archiver / Compressor








1Precomp v.0.47 (Christian Schneider|GER)2322371521.2513.55160913631486 -cl
2Nanozip v.0.09a Sami Runsas ,FIN [ARC]301972158.148.05146814651466 a -cc -r -p8 -m1g
3ZCM v.0.93- Nania Francesco A.,ITA [ARC]3055938819.4218.72184418211832 a -r -s -m6
4Nanozip v.0.09a Sami Runsas ,FIN [ARC]305922206.203.34142213311376 a -cO -r -p8 -m1g
5ZCM v.0.93- Nania Francesco A.,ITA [ARC]306119516.866.73144414401442 a -r -s -m5 -t4
6ZCM v.0.93- Nania Francesco A.,ITA [ARC]306723515.115.09139013901390 a -r -s -m2 -t8
7Nanozip v.0.09a Sami Runsas ,FIN [ARC]308547973.311.36134012781309 a -co -r -p8 -m1g
8Razor v.1.03.7[Christian Martelock,GER]3112090339.630.59251312641888 a -r -d 512M
9CSARC v.3.3 - Siyuan Fu, CHI -[ARC]3113583811.721.66162012991459 a -m5 -d256m -r -t8
107ZIP v.19.00 -Igor Pavlov,RUS-[ARC]311908907.720.69149512701382 a -mx9 -mmt=8 -md=256m -mfb=273
11LZPM v.0.18 Ilya Muravyov|RUS (COM)3127698057.742.17309913212210 c512
12ZSTD v.1.4.5 (Yann Collet,FRA)3128353834.800.11236512551810 -22 -T8 -f --ultra
13ZSTD v.1.4.5 (Yann Collet,FRA)3129857311.450.11161812551436 -19 -T8 -f --long
14NLZMrz v.1.03 Nauful |USA (COM)31308909120.201.05509912863192 c
15CSARC v.3.3 - Siyuan Fu, CHI -[ARC]313118138.971.64154013051422 a -m2 -d256m -r -t8
16CSARC v.3.3 - Siyuan Fu, CHI -[ARC]313349576.271.64145413061380 a -m1 -d256m -r -t8
17LZA v.0.82 Nania Francesco A.,ITA [ARC]3134536817.830.44182412681546 a -r -s -mx9 -b6 -h7
18Packet v.1.9 Nania Francesco A.,ITA [ARC3135142815.450.88174812821515 a -r -s -mx -b5 -h6
197ZIP v.19.00 -Igor Pavlov,RUS-[ARC]314635019.810.67157212801426 a -mx1 -mmt=8 -md=256m -mfb=273
20Packet v.1.9 Nania Francesco A.,ITA [ARC314658839.171.13155212951423 a -r -s -m0 -b5 -h6
21NLZM v.1.03 Nauful |USA (COM)3147393755.530.63303612792157 -window:28 c
22RAR v.5.91 -A.Roshal,RUS- [ARC]315353161.590.20131212681290 a -r -s -ma5 -m5 -md256m -mt8
23RAR v.5.91 -A.Roshal,RUS- [ARC]315385611.550.20131112681289 a -r -s -ma5 -m4 -md256m -mt8
24RAR v.5.91 -A.Roshal,RUS- [ARC]315442461.440.19130812681288 a -r -s -ma5 -m3 -md256m -mt8
25RAR v.5.91 - A.Roshal,RUS- [ARC]315557361.130.34129812731285 a -r -s -ma4 -m5 -mdg -mt8
26RAR v.5.91 - A.Roshal,RUS- [ARC]315604121.090.33129712731285 a -r -s -ma4 -m4 -mdg -mt8
27RAR v.5.91 - A.Roshal,RUS- [ARC]315711571.080.34129712741285 a -r -s -ma4 -m3 -mdg -mt8
28LZA v.0.82 Nania Francesco A.,ITA [ARC]315940678.170.42152512771401 a -r -s -m1 -b6 -h7
29Irolz v.2 Andrew Polar(COMP)316125136.525.91147314541463 e
30RAR v.5.91 -A.Roshal,RUS- [ARC]316137551.410.20131012711290 a -r -s -ma5 -m2 -md256m -mt8
31RAR v.5.91 - A.Roshal,RUS- [ARC]316435190.940.34129612771286 a -r -s -ma4 -m2 -mdg -mt8
32Nanozip v.0.09a Sami Runsas ,FIN [ARC]316607571.160.16130412721288 a -cDP -r -p8 -m1g
33Nanozip v.0.09a Sami Runsas ,FIN [ARC]316794590.530.13128412711277 a -cD -r -p8 -m1g
34LZSR v.0.01 Nania Francesco(COMP)316819104.382.56140713491378 c
35ZSTD v.1.4.5 (Yann Collet,FRA)317650001.390.09131512731294 -11 -T8 -f --long
36DGC v.1.10 Shin-ichi TSURUTA,JAP [ARC]317764488.006.45152714771502 a
37ZSTD v.1.4.5 (Yann Collet,FRA)317787681.020.09130412741289 -10 -T8 -f --long
38ZSTD v.1.4.5 (Yann Collet,FRA)317997810.500.09128812751281 -9 -T8 -f --long
39ZSTD v.1.4.5 (Yann Collet,FRA)318188180.440.08128712751281 -8 -T8 -f --long
40ZSTD v.1.4.5 (Yann Collet,FRA)318671490.440.09128912781283 -7 -T8 -f --long
41Irolz v.1 Andrew Polar(COMP)319074453.273.33138113831382 e
42ZSTD v.1.4.5 (Yann Collet,FRA)319384620.420.08129112801285 -6 -T8 -f --long
43ZSTD v.1.4.5 (Yann Collet,FRA)319622030.250.09128612811283 -5 -T8 -f --long
44Thor v.0.96a Oscar Garcia|ESP (COM)319785520.950.41131012921301 e4
45ZSTD v.1.4.5 (Yann Collet,FRA)320880440.190.09129012861288 -4 -T8 -f --long
46BCM v.2.0a1 Ilya Muravyov|RUS (COM)320914527.509.84152415991561 c512
47Lazy v.1 Matt Mahoney|USA (COMP)321047724.800.31143812941366 5
48ZSTD v.1.4.5 (Yann Collet,FRA)321234320.190.09129112881289 -3 -T8 -f --long
49Nanozip v.0.09a Sami Runsas ,FIN [ARC]321821080.230.44129513011298 a -cd -r -p8 -m1g
50Slug v.1.27b (Christian Martelock,GER)322714940.360.41130213041303 c
51RAR v.5.91 -A.Roshal,RUS- [ARC]323080520.700.19131512981306 a -r -s -ma5 -m1 -md256m -mt8
52ZSTD v.1.4.5 (Yann Collet,FRA)323390230.170.09129912961297 -2 -T8 -f --long
53Etincelle v. a3 (Yann Collet,FRA)323801580.330.16130613001303 -c
54Lazy v.1 Matt Mahoney|USA (COMP)324218090.640.31131713071312 1
55Thor v.0.96a Oscar Garcia|ESP (COM)324376880.940.34132813081318 e5
56SR3 v.Matt Mahoney+ |USA(COM)325298405.756.61148515131499 c
57ZSTD v.1.4.5 (Yann Collet,FRA)325450710.160.08130713041305 -1 -T8 -f --long
58ULZ v.1.01bIlya Muravyov|RUS (COM)325483270.940.06133213041318 c9
59ULZ v.1.01bIlya Muravyov|RUS (COM)325650360.480.08131813051311 c6
60ULZ v.1.01bIlya Muravyov|RUS (COM)325953570.420.08131713061311 c5
61RAR v.5.91 - A.Roshal,RUS- [ARC]326294200.550.34132313161319 a -r -s -ma4 -m1 -mdg -mt8
62ULZ v.1.01bIlya Muravyov|RUS (COM)327451180.360.08132113121316 c4
63ULZ v.1.01bIlya Muravyov|RUS (COM)328077030.360.06132413141319 c3
64Thor v.0.96a Oscar Garcia|ESP (COM)328608320.330.36132513261325 e3
65ULZ v.1.01bIlya Muravyov|RUS (COM)329167330.390.08132913191324 c2
66Nanozip v.0.09a Sami Runsas ,FIN [ARC]330163780.410.78133413461340 a -cF -r -p8 -m1g
67ULZ v.1.01bIlya Muravyov|RUS (COM)333645800.560.08135313371345 c1
68Nanozip v.0.09a Sami Runsas ,FIN [ARC]345721180.090.13138613871386 a -cf -r -p8 -m1g
69Thor v.0.96a Oscar Garcia|ESP (COM)346511280.280.34139513971396 e2
70Flzp v.1 Matt Mahoney|USA (COMP)357636321.030.30146414401452 c
71Thor v.0.96a Oscar Garcia|ESP (COM)361554780.190.39145214591455 e1
72LZC v..10 NANIA F.A.-Xezz |ITA-JAP(COM)414876616.383.91186417851824 c 10
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