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World Compression Challenge

file compression benchmark

It is a reference for the latest information about the performance of lossless data compression software. The test takes place on many file types so as not to benefit a specific compressor and to verify the actual ability to adapt to any type of data.   OS: Windows 10 , CPU: AMD Ryzen™ 3700x (8 core– 16 thread). Test By Nania Francesco A. (Italy) 







Archiver / Compressor








1DGC v.1.10 Shin-ichi TSURUTA,JAP [ARC]356386407.666.28167116271649 a
2ZCM v.0.93- Nania Francesco A.,ITA [ARC]3597613517.0017.89198320121997 a -r -s -m6
3Nanozip v.0.09a Sami Runsas ,FIN [ARC]363820547.537.36169616911693 a -cc -r -p8 -m1g
4ZCM v.0.93- Nania Francesco A.,ITA [ARC]363976146.336.36165816591658 a -r -s -m5 -t4
5ZCM v.0.93- Nania Francesco A.,ITA [ARC]365283205.395.27163416301632 a -r -s -m2 -t8
6Nanozip v.0.09a Sami Runsas ,FIN [ARC]367458545.953.23166015731616 a -cO -r -p8 -m1g
7Packet v.1.9 Nania Francesco A.,ITA [ARC3691757419.281.42209415221808 a -r -s -mx -b5 -h6
8Nanozip v.0.09a Sami Runsas ,FIN [ARC]370779083.691.41160115281564 a -co -r -p8 -m1g
9RAR v.5.91 -A.Roshal,RUS- [ARC]371620100.890.23151514941504 a -r -s -ma5 -m1 -md256m -mt8
10BCM v.2.0a1 Ilya Muravyov|RUS (COM)372379947.9711.31174518511798 c512
11Packet v.1.9 Nania Francesco A.,ITA [ARC3734797311.481.38186115381699 a -r -s -m0 -b5 -h6
12Razor v.1.03.7[Christian Martelock,GER]3782116951.910.83317415392356 a -r -d 512M
13RAR v.5.91 -A.Roshal,RUS- [ARC]382081142.610.28161215371574 a -r -s -ma5 -m5 -md256m -mt8
14RAR v.5.91 -A.Roshal,RUS- [ARC]382133942.500.30160915381573 a -r -s -ma5 -m4 -md256m -mt8
15RAR v.5.91 -A.Roshal,RUS- [ARC]382283642.250.28160115381569 a -r -s -ma5 -m3 -md256m -mt8
16RAR v.5.91 -A.Roshal,RUS- [ARC]383372691.980.30159715431570 a -r -s -ma5 -m2 -md256m -mt8
17LZSR v.0.01 Nania Francesco(COMP)390513754.752.67171416471680 c
18RAR v.5.91 - A.Roshal,RUS- [ARC]391156251.610.63161615851600 a -r -s -ma4 -m5 -mdg -mt8
19RAR v.5.91 - A.Roshal,RUS- [ARC]391156361.360.61160815841596 a -r -s -ma4 -m4 -mdg -mt8
20RAR v.5.91 - A.Roshal,RUS- [ARC]391157011.610.63161615851600 a -r -s -ma4 -m3 -mdg -mt8
21Precomp v.0.47 (Christian Schneider|GER)395267396.501.77178916381713 -cl
22CSARC v.3.3 - Siyuan Fu, CHI -[ARC]396541706.160.97178316171700 a -m5 -d256m -r -t8
23LZPM v.0.18 Ilya Muravyov|RUS (COM)3966084414.052.64203616711853 c512
247ZIP v.19.00 -Igor Pavlov,RUS-[ARC]397406865.640.69177016121691 a -mx9 -mmt=8 -md=256m -mfb=273
25CSARC v.3.3 - Siyuan Fu, CHI -[ARC]397773945.550.97176916221695 a -m2 -d256m -r -t8
26CSARC v.3.3 - Siyuan Fu, CHI -[ARC]398058404.000.97172016231671 a -m1 -d256m -r -t8
27Irolz v.2 Andrew Polar(COMP)399178918.426.66186618101838 e
28Irolz v.1 Andrew Polar(COMP)399245544.514.19174117311736 e
29SR3 v.Matt Mahoney+ |USA(COM)401296887.208.38183618731854 c
307ZIP v.19.00 -Igor Pavlov,RUS-[ARC]4049333216.190.66213816411889 a -mx1 -mmt=8 -md=256m -mfb=273
31ZSTD v.1.4.5 (Yann Collet,FRA)4052654211.860.16200116261813 -22 -T8 -f --ultra
32NLZMrz v.1.03 Nauful |USA (COM)40550477117.031.28536716633515 c
33ZSTD v.1.4.5 (Yann Collet,FRA)4055226915.390.16211516271871 -19 -T8 -f --long
34Nanozip v.0.09a Sami Runsas ,FIN [ARC]406668101.450.19167316331653 a -cDP -r -p8 -m1g
35Nanozip v.0.09a Sami Runsas ,FIN [ARC]406800000.780.19165216331642 a -cD -r -p8 -m1g
36NLZM v.1.03 Nauful |USA (COM)4088216853.810.81335716612509 -window:28 c
37LZA v.0.82 Nania Francesco A.,ITA [ARC]4106581924.390.55242316602041 a -r -s -mx9 -b6 -h7
38Nanozip v.0.09a Sami Runsas ,FIN [ARC]413779530.410.72166816781673 a -cF -r -p8 -m1g
39Nanozip v.0.09a Sami Runsas ,FIN [ARC]414235060.110.22166016641662 a -cf -r -p8 -m1g
40RAR v.5.91 - A.Roshal,RUS- [ARC]414906211.170.47169716751686 a -r -s -ma4 -m2 -mdg -mt8
41LZA v.0.82 Nania Francesco A.,ITA [ARC]415385769.520.56196616791822 a -r -s -m1 -b6 -h7
42ZSTD v.1.4.5 (Yann Collet,FRA)415528512.750.13175016661708 -11 -T8 -f --long
43ZSTD v.1.4.5 (Yann Collet,FRA)416523671.380.13171016701690 -10 -T8 -f --long
44Slug v.1.27b (Christian Martelock,GER)417380280.420.51168316861684 c
45ZSTD v.1.4.5 (Yann Collet,FRA)417574030.640.13169116741682 -9 -T8 -f --long
46ZSTD v.1.4.5 (Yann Collet,FRA)418028710.470.13168716761681 -8 -T8 -f --long
47ZSTD v.1.4.5 (Yann Collet,FRA)418038880.450.13168716761681 -7 -T8 -f --long
48ZSTD v.1.4.5 (Yann Collet,FRA)418180350.380.13168516771681 -6 -T8 -f --long
49ZSTD v.1.4.5 (Yann Collet,FRA)419003090.230.13168316801681 -5 -T8 -f --long
50Thor v.0.96a Oscar Garcia|ESP (COM)420282321.300.42172316951709 e5
51Thor v.0.96a Oscar Garcia|ESP (COM)420623681.240.50172216981710 e4
52RAR v.5.91 - A.Roshal,RUS- [ARC]420803630.470.45169816981698 a -r -s -ma4 -m1 -mdg -mt8
53Etincelle v. a3 (Yann Collet,FRA)420890610.410.30169716931695 -c
54ZSTD v.1.4.5 (Yann Collet,FRA)421905800.170.13169316921692 -4 -T8 -f --long
55Nanozip v.0.09a Sami Runsas ,FIN [ARC]423025490.390.14170516971701 a -cd -r -p8 -m1g
56ZSTD v.1.4.5 (Yann Collet,FRA)423976780.170.13170117001700 -3 -T8 -f --long
57Thor v.0.96a Oscar Garcia|ESP (COM)424700560.390.45171117131712 e3
58ZSTD v.1.4.5 (Yann Collet,FRA)426414170.160.13171117101710 -2 -T8 -f --long
59Thor v.0.96a Oscar Garcia|ESP (COM)428155680.450.41172717261726 e2
60ZSTD v.1.4.5 (Yann Collet,FRA)428311090.160.11171817171717 -1 -T8 -f --long
61Lazy v.1 Matt Mahoney|USA (COMP)436674777.220.36197817581868 5
62ULZ v.1.01bIlya Muravyov|RUS (COM)440937870.690.08178617661776 c9
63ULZ v.1.01bIlya Muravyov|RUS (COM)441032160.480.08177917671773 c6
64ULZ v.1.01bIlya Muravyov|RUS (COM)441049840.490.08178017671773 c5
65ULZ v.1.01bIlya Muravyov|RUS (COM)441807850.450.08178217701776 c4
66Lazy v.1 Matt Mahoney|USA (COMP)441898530.880.34179617781787 1
67ULZ v.1.01bIlya Muravyov|RUS (COM)441938240.450.08178217701776 c3
68ULZ v.1.01bIlya Muravyov|RUS (COM)442354650.450.08178417721778 c2
69ULZ v.1.01bIlya Muravyov|RUS (COM)444294130.660.08179817801789 c1
70Thor v.0.96a Oscar Garcia|ESP (COM)455125800.200.47182718361831 e1
71Flzp v.1 Matt Mahoney|USA (COMP)468631311.170.30191218841898 c
72LZC v..10 NANIA F.A.-Xezz |ITA-JAP(COM)487077609.894.89226521052185 c 10
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