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is   a file archiver and folders, now with GUI Windows performance by massive compression of all file types. It uses a compression method that I implemented in speed (Rolz) with arithmetic coding. Maintains remarkable speed compression and decompression. It uses very little memory in the minimum configuration with excellent results with all types of files. Enabled with version 1.0.0 the creation of self extraction Archive with which I intended to ensure compatibility for those who want to use it as an archiver. Adding also the possibility in the DOS version to use the extra compression with the switch "-mxn" (where n means a number from 0 to 3) as well as to manipulate the size Dictionary "-kn". Added support for multiprocessing with the ability to use as many as 8 cores. By connecting the extension with the program WFlaship can directly open your files and launch their content. In fact, by connecting the extension. FLZ with the program WFlashzip.exe this last will recognize the file and it will open automatically. With this version I have fixed some problems with opening files that had the old version. With WFlashzip is not possible to extract data from CD / DVD / BLURAY or other protected media (This will solve the problem in the future) while flashzip.exe from DOS is possible.


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